Militarum Tempestus

Recently Games Workshop released a new series of models for the Imperial Guard army with the banner Militarum Tempestus. Along with the non-static Helbrute and the poster boy Imperial Knight, GW seems to be on a new model spree for an array of armies. Find out my thoughts on these models and a bit of reminiscence after the jump. (more…)


New Hobby Purchases

Yesterday was a delight on its own. My long overdue order of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons models, in addition to specialist tools have arrived! Find out more pics and share my excitement about a special kit after the jump. (more…)

The Possessed

In my last post I mentioned that the main difficulty with the more demonic Chaos Space Marine models is determining where armor and weapons fuse with flesh. When it comes to the possessed, aside from a few select minis this distinction is clear. Here you can see my first possessed model bearing the colors of the Black Legion. Find out more shots and my approach after the jump.



The Legion

Moving on with the finished models… Here is the test unit I got for the new Black Legion army I am preparing for display. This little fella is from the Chaos Space Marine Battleforce pack and is part of a 10-man infantry squad. Find out more angles of the model and some WIP shots after the jump, as well as my thoughts on the Black Legion.