A Solution for Lighting

For quite some time I wanted to get myself a proper light box to get better photos of the miniatures I work on and one time I even built one from scratch, using a cardboard box and some copying paper for sides. While it was adequate for diffusing light, it was still bulky (no way to carry it around) and quite fragile due to the paper sides that could just break any time. Then last week it got thrashed by the cleaning lady and pretty much became useless. So, I looked around for a mobile alternative and found Foldio, by orangemonkie and ordered one to see how it works. Find out what I think about the product after the jump.



The Background

Choosing a background for the minis you spend hours on is almost as important as painting them. Usually the approach is to display the minis with a white background, eBay style, with no shadows showing if possible, unless the mini is predominantly colored in white. Find out more about my ups and downs in this quest after the jump.