black legion

Must Obliterate!

This weekend went way too fast and with little updates on the hobby front, but I did get to do work on some of the outstanding kits. What I’m looking forward to is the 1.5 day off at work due to the Republic Day of this glorious nation! Aside from the usual taking part in the parades I’m planning to make use of this time to get painting to clear off some kits from the table. Check out what I’ve been up to over the weekend after the jump.



WIP: All in One

Another difficult beginning to the week, another late post. I feel like I’ve had a sense of euphoria after publishing the Dreadknight post, as if completing the model would somehow earn me an “achievement unlock”! It’s good to have a set of goals to follow at such a point; I found myself going back to what’s waiting for me on the desk and decided to work on them a little to get back in the flow. This did help me get back to unfinished business and remedy the line of bare plastic that was judging me from the corner of the display cabinet. Find out what I’ve been up to the past few days after the jump.


Something on the Side

Having a decent go at the blending technique from last time I got a little too excited and took out a new kit from the mountain. This time I’m tackling a CSM Lord in Terminator Armor, which I wanted to get my hands on for some time since I got it. Check out my initial progress with the kit after the jump.


Unfinished Business and Model Frenzy

Last week I mustered the courage to sift through the ever-growing heap of models I have which have collected some dust over the counters and in the open. The models include both the GW brand that I have prioritized as well as some old favorite scale models of planes and tanks from Revell. Read on to see my thoughts on the hobby and a remedy to the increasing-number-of-models-syndrome. (more…)

WIP: Maulerfiend #3

The past weekend I was looking forward to completing the Dreadknight project by finishing the force weapons, however I couldn’t decide on which technique to use and was unsure of the color scheme for all the blends. So I switched to the primed Maulerfiend sub-assemblies and started applying basecoats. Not the most exciting news to be honest but this lets me keep the work flowing. Find out my progress on this beast and the work plan after the jump. (more…)

The Spawn

The Dreadknight project is coming to a close at last which means I can get rid of one more box of kits from my collection. Having worked on larger models for a few months I want to ease back to smaller figures. Thus I thought I need something in the middle to get me on the right track. The Chaos Spawn models along with the relatively smaller Maulerfiend should do the job. Find out my review of the Chaos Spawn kit and a few early WIP shots after the jump.


WIP: Maulerfiend #2

I wanted to make up for the long silence with a better post for today, however time limitations and other scheduled items took precedence over the hobby for the past few days. Even then, I did work on the Maulerfiend and checked back with my unfinished Dreadknight. Take a look at what I’ve been up to after the jump.