chaos spawn

Tally the Men!

As the cover page suggests I’ve assembled yet another kit but this time I couldn’t make it to the priming session. I feel like I’m hitting the mark when spraying outside will be impossible due to winter conditions and I’ll be able to focus on painting stuff individually. But before that happens, I wanted to work on the kits that need some putty work and get as many of them ready as possible. Check out the progress thus far and a tally of waiting models after the jump.


The Spawn

The Dreadknight project is coming to a close at last which means I can get rid of one more box of kits from my collection. Having worked on larger models for a few months I want to ease back to smaller figures. Thus I thought I need something in the middle to get me on the right track. The Chaos Spawn models along with the relatively smaller Maulerfiend should do the job. Find out my review of the Chaos Spawn kit and a few early WIP shots after the jump.