Random Encounter Progress and The Call of the Waaagh!

This past weekend turned out to be quite an opportunity to work on some long overdue stuff and dabble in even more new kits. As can be seen from the featured image I’m trying to get the skin tones done on the dwarf and I think I’m going in the correct direction. I doubt I’ll make it to the deadline of this Friday with still the many many folds of cloth and the NMM weapon remaining but I’ll try to do my best. Not to mention there’s a base that needs my attention as well! Find out what I’ve put together after the jump.



The Green Tide

Here’s a short look at the old ork models I got from the very first Battleforce kit I mentioned earlier. I painted this model a couple of months ago when I got back to the hobby. Find out some more pictures and my approach to the skin after the jump.