Review: Word Bearers Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

Welcome to this week’s review. Today I’m taking a look at my very first Forgeworld model from the Horus Heresy character series, the Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought from the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion. I had my doubts about the logistics implications for shopping with Forgeworld due to the customs problems in Turkey but I took a leap of faith. Now I invite you to make a leap to the rest of the review to see what I think of the piece!



Workshop Update, Possessed Marine and Nurglings

This past weekend has been a fruitful one in terms of getting involved with the multitude of models I have, including the ongoing Heldrake and Possessed Marine kits. I started a new kit from my latest purchases and did some testing on the winged Possessed Marine. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

WIP : Heldrake Project and Possessed Update

It hasn’t been too exciting the few days in terms of hobby developments but I did manage to get a few things in order. As you can see the Heldrake parts are largely primed with Chaos Black spray. I’ll still have to go over them with a brush to make sure everything is covered fine. Find out what else I’ve been up to after the jump.


WIP: Possessed CSM #3

I see these little fellas have been neglected for some time now with the hype of getting the Heldrake ready for the competition. So I decided to give them the proper attention they really deserve, even though the casts are not the best, the idea of blending demon with armor and space marine skin is quite compelling to paint. Take a closer gander at the models and find out some thoughts after the jump. (more…)

The Quest for Gold

For a long time I have searched for a suitable, convincing gold color to apply on models. This is particularly important for my army the Black Legion, where having a strong contrast with the black underneath really makes models pop. Take a look at what I think about the few gold colors I have used after the jump.  (more…)

WIP update: Possessed Marine #2

Before beginning the new project for the competition in May I wanted to wrap up a few models I had begun. Since I already did a messy basecoat on the second Possessed Marine in the squad, I wanted to finish it up. Find out more shots of Mr. Claws after the jump. (more…)

The Background

Choosing a background for the minis you spend hours on is almost as important as painting them. Usually the approach is to display the minis with a white background, eBay style, with no shadows showing if possible, unless the mini is predominantly colored in white. Find out more about my ups and downs in this quest after the jump.