Ölçekli Dünyalar (Scaled World) Competition

This is pretty much old news for modeling enthusiasts but I guess late is better than never. The past weekend the Rahmi Koç Museum housed the Scale Model Club’s first modeling competition which will be held every year in concord with IPMS events. This year’s estimates show that over 150 modelers with close to 700 different models were displayed. Find out more on the event, the winners, and my humble entry after the jump (warning, image heavy post).



WIP: Possessed CSM #3

I see these little fellas have been neglected for some time now with the hype of getting the Heldrake ready for the competition. So I decided to give them the proper attention they really deserve, even though the casts are not the best, the idea of blending demon with armor and space marine skin is quite compelling to paint. Take a closer gander at the models and find out some thoughts after the jump. (more…)