The Latest from the Workshop

Another long silence has passed at the Workshop since the last update. Between a long religious holiday (a saving grace from work, even for a heathen like me), my birthday and a business trip with a somewhat unexpected outcome I have managed to make time for the miniatures at hand and added more to the pile of unfinished work! Hop in to see what I have to share for the past few weeks and a teaser for what is to come (mobile users, slightly heavy with images!).


Travel Time!

Another short update today. Due to a business trip to Malaysia I’ll have limited updates this week… so stay tuned for the posts rest of the week and the next! Lots of boxes and some WIP developments abound.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful stock vista of Penang!

Challenge of Painting

Small update for the beginning (more or less) of the week. The new year started slowly for the hobby department when it comes to the workshop. As you can see I’m still trying to shape out the Tyranid Trygon I’ve been working on for some time here, but every day I’m meeting new challenges. And then there’s the daunting mountain of models that stay primed and beg for attention. Hopefully I’ll be able to switch to new projects once the Trygon is finished. More WIP pictures and a little bonus after the jump.


99 Luftballons: Berlin Visit!

The week of business visit/sightseeing is over and I am glad to be back home once more. While the first few days of our trip were¬†pretty much dominated with work related meetings, I got to create some quality time with my wife and an old friend for the remainder of the week. I also made a much needed visit to a certain place, but I’ll spare you the spoilers! Find out the highlights of Berlin after the jump (image heavy post!).


We’re back, and better than ever!

Eid week is over, and so is my long silence in terms of the hobby. I had a much needed change of space this past week when I traveled to Italy, specifically to Rome, Florence and Venice. It was a great trip filled with culture (you don’t get to eat a Florentine steak next to a baritone singing Nessun Dorma anywhere else in the world I reckon), art, scenery and some good old fashioned trekking. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve walked this much in any trip thus far, ever. Find out some of my favorite shots after the break (obviously image heavy post)!