Unboxing: Space Hulk Foam by Feldherr

Welcome to the unboxing and review of Space Hulk Foam by Feldherr! This is a specialist foam set for the famous board game Space Hulk that is designed to house both the miniatures and the gaming pieces within the Space Hulk game box. In the post I’ll be showcasing what the content of the package is and give you my experience in walking through the installation of said set with my copy of Space Hulk. Hop in and see if this is the solution for safekeeping your boxed game for you.


From the Ashes…

Hello everyone!

It’s been almost a year since I made any substantial contribution to this space and considering my previous pace this is quite frustrating to me. Most of it is attributed to the fact that it’s difficult to spare lengthier sessions for quality painting and short term distractions like video games are a lot more attractive. Add to that the stress in work and I can pretty much sum up the reasons for the cobwebs. Checked my cabinets with models and boxes stacked on top of those. Lots of unfinished projects/messes, and a few replies to comments on the blog here and there… not for long.

Roemer’s Workshop will open again but will have a more reasonable schedule for posts now that I’m a daddy. My goal and early resolution is to have a balanced approach to the hobby and get as many projects completed as possible with a few reviews thrown in there for good measure. Not gonna promise a weekly posting regimen as that’s nigh impossible to achieve but I will not disappear for long periods like this. To kickstart this I’m starting with an unboxing/review post this Friday – anyone interested in¬†Space Hulk keep an eye out.

For everyone watching this space however long and frequent – thank you for the visits and the encouragement. I’m looking forward to creating quality material once more.

See you soon!

Unboxing: The Horus Heresy – Betrayal at Calth Miniature Game

Welcome to my unboxing and review of the latest Games Workshop tabletop game¬†product, the Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth Miniature Game set. This box of goodies is both a gripping board game as well as the first set of Horus Heresy plastic miniatures – which makes this a great tool to enter the 30k arena as well. In this review I’ll be showcasing the contents, especially the sprues as they are the focus point for me personally and will comment little on the game itself. Come join the sweet heresy after the jump.


New Miniature Project: Tolga!

A rather short post today to share the latest development at the Workshop. Two weeks ago early Saturday I have received the ultimate miniature which will be the focus of attention from here on. At first sight it’s a remarkable product with no mould lines so far and an excellent casting quality. Say hello to Tolga!


Tired but proud!

All kidding aside this is pretty much the game-changer for me as I’ve been expecting him for quite some time now. Immediately he’s become the center of attention in the family and everyone is excited to see my first-born son. Needless to say he’ll be well geared towards miniatures and other manly things from the earliest possible age – we even let him listen to Star Wars scores while he was still growing in mom.

Obviously the first few months will be eating up a lot of my time so expect to see less updates in this corner. I’ll be working on my Twitter account and Facebook page in favor of the blog but may still be able to post the odd review or showcase mini (ha-ha I wish!). The Facebook page is still under construction (due to laziness) but Twitter is up and running so feel free to add me to your follow list @roemersworkshop.

5-2015-11-22 13-00-09

The best miniature I got!

Until next time, stay safe and keep on rocking the minis!

Unboxing: Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters

Welcome to the unboxing post of the third Horus Heresy Character Series kit on the Workshop! Gracing my workbench this week is Angron, the Primarch of the World Eaters, the first Primarch ever released by Forgeworld. Similar to the Fulgrim unboxing I’ll note on the box contents, post detail photos of the sub-assemblies so far and comment on the overall quality of the kit. So without further ado, let’s take a look at this beauty… hop in if you dare face the wrath of the Red Angel!