Month: May 2014

Ölçekli Dünyalar (Scaled World) Competition

This is pretty much old news for modeling enthusiasts but I guess late is better than never. The past weekend the Rahmi Koç Museum housed the Scale Model Club’s first modeling competition which will be held every year in concord with IPMS events. This year’s estimates show that over 150 modelers with close to 700 different models were displayed. Find out more on the event, the winners, and my humble entry after the jump (warning, image heavy post).



Showcase: CSM Heldrake, Black Legion Theme

And here we are. The project I’ve been working for so long is finally finished. I even managed to get it into the competition this past weekend! Check out my final WIP report on the kit and a large gallery of WIP and showcase pictures after the jump.


WIP: Heldrake #7

With only a few days left for the competition I had to hurry up to finish the Heldrake I’ve been working on for so long. So I started putting the base colors in various places and the golds that will dominate the model. I was pretty sure that I could finish the painting, basing and cleanup of the model within this weekend, but I was sorely mistaken. Find out why after the jump.


Competition Update

Just a quick update here to notify any and all followers that are interested in the miniature competition in May, the online registration form is up and running so sign up if you’ll be there! I know I’ll be there with my (hopefully) complete Heldrake!

Here’s a link to the event: Online Registration Form

See you all there!

WIP: Heldrake #6

As the frequency of the posts suggest I’m having trouble finding adequate time to have some quality painting sessions for all the concurrent projects. However, I had to get stuff going as having too much of a hiatus is devastating on a hobbyist and would pretty much lead to inaction indefinitely. Check out what I’m working on after the jump.  (more…)

WIP: Dreadknight #2

Finally after the two hectic weeks of erratic working hours, I found some time to focus on the hobby this weekend. I am quite pleased with the progress on the commissioned Dreadknight and made quite a bit of headway before getting to the point of priming and painting. Find out some shots and my comments on the project after the jump.  (more…)

WIP: Dreadknight #1

Whew, what a week this was. Having an overseas HQ with a 10 hour time difference at work is really a pain when you need to coordinate efforts. I made a lot of overtime and was pretty much swamped with work until the 1st of May, which naturally turned into a mini hobby fest for me and my workshop buddies. Find out my progress on the Dreadknight after the jump.